Do you want to create a coaching practice that feels fully aligned to you, your message and the life that you want your business to support?

Are you tired of trying all the “things” to be successful in your business, only to be left frustrated by lack of results, overwhelm and burn out?

Yeah, I hear you.

Because I’ve been there.  Completely out of alignment.

Fast forward a couple of years and I have learned the power of my intuition and inspired action to create a business that is fully aligned to me.

In Aligned, I reveal how to harness the power of alignment to create a business on your own terms.  I share:

  • The power of being aligned in your business

  • How to identify when you’re not in alignment

  • Stories of coaches who have mastered the art of alignment

  • How you can create a business on your own terms using my 7-step ALIGNED Method

If you are ready to create a fully ALIGNED business, download your free copy of Aligned and the companion ALIGNED workbook.  The workbook will get you started on creating a foundation for building a business that is in alignment to you, your message and those that you want to serve most.

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About Valerie Cap

Valerie is the founder of The Nurturing Collective, a business coaching practice for entrepreneurs in the personal development industry.  She helps coaches create alignment between their business and their life.

She is also the founder of The ALIGNED Method, a 7-step process that she leads her clients through that helps them to identify clear business goals and create strategic action steps while she supports them through the implementation process of creating the aligned, sustainable business they desire.